Rifts® Heroes of the Megaverse® - Heroes of the Megaverse® A Rifts® Dimension Book™ and Minion War™ Crossover Watermarked PDF. Rifts® Dimension Book™: Heroes of the Megaverse® is published by Palladium Books Inc., .. to be the greatest heroes of the Megaverse, yet the majority of. Rifts - Chaos Earth Sourcebook - Rise of ichwarmaorourbia.tk, , MB Rifts - Heroes of the ichwarmaorourbia.tk, , MB.

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Verify Hashes Rifts - Coalition Wars Sourcebook - Secrets of the Coalition States - Heroes of ichwarmaorourbia.tk M. Bookmark Verify Hashes. Rifts: Heroes of the Megaverse. rifts heroes unlimited pdf Palladium Books, open a Rift and explore the Megaverse of RPG adventure with titles like Rifts, Heroes. Palladium Books, Rifts, The Mechanoids, and Megaverse are registered trademarks Books Inc. Pantheons of the Megaverse, Heroes Unlimited, Beyond the.

Increased Mass and Strength. The character's weight is increased by five times. Fatigues at half the rate of normal humans. Other Abilities and Things of Note. The S. The metallic body is typically cool to the touch and helps the character avoid detection by heat sensors and infrared optics.

Silver reflects light very easily and, as a result, the character takes half damage from lasers and similar light based attacks.

Horror Factor optional : 12 when in metal form to most people, but 16 to supernatural beings vulnerable to silver. Speed is reduced by half while in metallic form. The character still has to breathe and is susceptible to gases, drowning, suffocation and diseases in the same situations as normal humans, however, he can hold his breath twice as long.

Armor piercing bullets, explosive rounds, grenades and explosives inflict full damage when the roll to strike is above the character's Natural A. Roll for a battle of wills same as the lesser ability.

If the creature fails to save, it is the character's to command. If the Greater Demon or Deevil wins the battle of wills, roll on the Optional Reaction Table or have the creature respond in a way appropriate to the situation.

The exception is if the character has the skill Lore: Demons and Monsters, in which case he can summon the specific ''type'' of Greater Demon or a Deevil he desires, but not the same individual unless he knows the creature's true name. Summoning a Greater Demon or Deevil takes 30 seconds and uses up all of the character's attacks for two full melee rounds. A note about dealing with Greater Demons and Deevils: Greater Demons and Deevils are smarter, more cunning, more powerful and much more dangerous than lesser supernatural beings.

They see mortals as pawns and playthings to be corrupted, tricked and used for their own amusement and to the detriment of the human race.

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These powerful supernatural beings are also much more skilled at twisting orders and commands to create trouble and havoc. The super being is unable to summon Lesser Demons and Deevils with this power, only Greater ones.

The character who summoned the demon automatically knows when the duration ends a few minutes before time, at which point he can send the demon back to. Powers that require a specific knowledge like how to pilot a robot, cast spells, and other specific skills not known to the character who has taken possession of another person's body are not known or available for use. Both attacker and defender roll a with the high roll winning and defender winning ties.

For example, if the possessor has an M. Range: Direct eye contact within six feet 1. Clothing or super outfits don't offer any protection, but suits of armor, robots and being inside vehicles do. Super powers that turn a character into an inorganic material, such as the Alter Physical Structure APS powers, also block possession via touch, but not via direct eye contact.

Direct eye contact means looking directly into the person's eyes.

If an APS hero is possessed while in his altered state, he will remain in that state until released from possession. The possessor can also "leap" from body to body by touching or making eye contact with another potential victim and winning the battle of wills. Duration: Animal: The animal must be warm blooded and larger than a hamster. Ordinary Mortal humans and other S. Super Beings mortals with super abilities or Magically Bestowed : One minute per level of experience.

If the duration time is exceeded, the possessing super being is torn out of the other person's body and sent back into his own, regardless of distance. Being ripped out of one body and sent elsewhere is disorienting, leaving the possessor dazed for melee rounds reduce number of attacks by half and he has no combat bonuses until he regains his wits.

The empty shell is, in effect, a coma victim and completely defenseless. In other cases, the possessor must remain close by in the body he is currently in possession of to protect his real body. Leaving the original, true body for more than an hour at a time also has its dangers.

For each hour the body remains without the character's consciousness, it takes points of damage start with S. At zero Hit POints, the body is near death and will lapse into a coma unless the possessor returns. If he returns before reaching zero Hit Points or within five minutes after reaching zero Hit Points, his consciousness returning to his physical body instantly brings the body back to strength, restores 10 Hit Points and he is awake and alert back inside his true body.

If the super being does not return to his body, it lapses into a coma and death may follow. The body stays in a coma a number of days equal to the character's P.

At the end of this time the body dies and the consciousness, with no place to go, dies too. If the possessor returns his body before the end of the coma's duration, he is restored to one Hit Point and wakes up, but feels terrible, requires three times the normal recovery period to recover Hit Points and S. A successful Exorcism forces the possessor back to his own body and inflicts damage to him in the process via psychic attack, prevents him from using the Complete Possession ability for 24 hours.

Mental powers and skill knowledge of the possessed victim are not available to the possessor. Note: The possessor can release control over the body of the person he has possessed at any time. In the latter case, he must make contact with the next intended victim and engage in a battle of wills with him.

If he loses the battle of wills, the possessor can either remain in the body he currently possesses or return to his own body. Cannot possess insects, greater supernatural beings or creatures of magic dragons, gods, etc.

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Can only possess one animal or being at a time. Furthermore, he only has the powers of that body available to him. The only super abilities he can use are physical powers of the body he is controlling and his power of Complete Possession.

In the case of spell casting and PPE. Furthermore, in the likely event that the body is not conditioned for magic Le. A defenseless body is the greatest danger. Taking possession of someone else's body means the possessor leaving his own body behind. His punches do massive amounts of damage to demons.

When the Drol1ght ends, healing and growth resumes at the normal rate. Attacks on people. In addition, the super being can draw moisture out of a person's body with a touch. The Drought Touch is even more debilitating to super beings and other creatures made of, or with power over, water. In all cases, the Drought Touch reduces all aspects of water powers - reduce damage, range, duration, area of effect, etc. The Drought Touch attack is by physical contact.

Damage: As described above. Damage caused by the drought heals at the normal rate. Attacks per Melee: Causing widespread drought takes 1 minute per feet m.

The drought attack is equal to the number of attacks per melee. If the character already has Supernatural P. Also see Bonuses. Maximum Range to Seturn Fire: 60 feet Damage: The amount of damage leveled at him can be returned in kind. Duration: Constant. Range: Fists: Melee combaUpunches. Return Demon Fire: As noted above. Bonuses: The character is impervious to heat, fire, smoke and brimstone. This ability enables the super being to drain that life source from one living victim people or animals by touch, and re-channel the stolen Life Source energy into an energy blast that can be fired at will.

There are two catches: 1. The energy must be redirected during the super being's very next attack or the energy is lost; and 2. The bio-energy unleashed does damage that is only half the amount taken from the victim. Thus, if 19 S. Range: Drain: By touch.

Energy Blast: feet m maximum. Damage: Life Source Drain: S. However, since this is "life" energy that is being stolen and released as an energy blast a moment later, the blast does double damage Drought This super ability can be used to bring drought to a specified land area.

The affected area is hot, dry, and even ambient moisture is dried up. Any precipitation rain that might come to the surrounding region, does not fall in the Drought affected area. Plant life, especially delicate crops, suffer after just one day, stop growing and begin to wilt. Watering them by artificial or magical means has the minimal benefit of keeping vegetation barely alive, little more, and the Drought will still impair growth and destroy 15 Note: In order to drain Life Source energy, the super being must touch his victim.

Energy Expulsion: Dimensional Energy to animated dead, zombies and all forms of undead, as well as death gods and soul stealers. Healing Power: Rather than inflict damage as an energy blast, the character can steal S. Again, the amount of energy infused is half the amount stolen the other half is burned up in the process of absorption and re-channeling the bio-energy. The theft of life energy stops when a victim's S.

Lost Hit Points and S. Note: The super being cannot drain himself of Life Source energy, not even one S. Attacks per Melee: Each draining attack counts as one melee attack , and the firing of the bio-energy blast counts as another.

Whenever this power is activated, the character seems to glow with bluish white energy with miniature bolts of lightning crackling across his body. The results are always unknown and random even to the super being with the Dimensional Energy ability.

Roll once every time a Dimensional Energy blast is fired. Range: feet Damage: Regardless of the side effect, damage from the blast is per level of experience. Roll once for every blast on the Random Dimensional Event Table until the character is up to level 4 at which point he begins to learn to control the effects. At level 7 and 10 he gains additional mastery over this power see Bonuses.

Attacks per Melee: Each blast uses one melee attack or action. Bonuses: There are no additional bonuses for this power. However, the super being can try at any point to exert a measure of control over the power. The only bonuses that apply to this control roll are those from M.

Add any M. At level 4 the control roll drops to 12, at level 7 it drops to 9, and at level 10 it's 6. Regardless of bonuses, a natural one always means a random result. What a relief, there is no dimensional side effect. The teleport is never into a solid object or straight up into the air, but could be down the street, onto a rooftop, to a room inside a building, and so on.

Likewise, all Temporal Magic and Dimensional Magic is temporarily negated and no such spells or powers can be used. Duration of Event: 1D4 minutes! The Rift is random and could lead anywhere, but considering the circumstances of the Minion War, G. In the alternative, the G. Duration: As noted. Damage is 3D6 points, but the character or object struck becomes an intangible ghost.

Depending on the situation this could be good or bad. While phased the victim is like a ghost and cannot touch or be touched, nor use or move any physical weapon, object or power, but can use pSionics or magic. Duration of Event: 1D4 melee rounds. These "targets" may be other people, buildings, automobiles or objects street lamps, mailboxes, etc. Everyone floats into the air 2D6 feet 0. Firing a gun or energy blast, or trying to kick or punch, causes the character to spin in slow motion and move away from his opponent.

Anyone using magic is suddenly without it. Duration of Event: 1 D6 melee rounds, double for the character initially struck by the blast if he is a creature of magic or magic user.

Duration of Event: 1D6 melee rounds, double for the character initially struck by the blast if he has super abilities. Whatever state a character was in at the moment the dimensional event occurred, is the state he remains in until the duration ends. The effects of Petrification are temporary, and the super being can turn those petrified back from stone to normal at will, sooner than the default duration. However, this is far from indestructible and with some effort, the stone statues can be smashed or broken, killing, injuring or maiming the individual.

At the end of the duration if the statue is broken into pieces the victim is killed, and remains shattered stone. Range: By touch or via an energy blast with a range of 60 feet Damage: Petrification: No damage at all, the victim is just turned to stone for a limited duration.

Heroes Unlimited- Armageddon Unlimited

All true Elementals are impervious to this power and all forms of Petrification. Ordinary stone cannot be turned to flesh or other inorganic material. Duration of the S. So while he can fire the beam a number of times per melee round equal to his full attacks per melee, he is limited to the number of shots fired per day.

If the character fires all of his Petrification blasts they do not recharge until 24 hours has passed. This means he may recover one or a few at different times throughout the day. Those struck can make a saving throw of 14 or higher to resist. If the save is successful, the soul is spared eternal torment and the character lapses into a coma.

If the roll to save vs Soul Drink fails, the character's soul is ripped from his body and taken to the pits of Hell. This is interesting, because while his body seems to lapse into a coma and seems brain dead, it will survive one day per P. During this time, friends and allies can if they so decide go into the pits of Hell and try to rescue their friend's soul. In Hell, the individual's soul seems to be a flesh and blood person.

If he can be rescued and removed from Hell. He recovers as normal from this point forward, but roll for one Random Insanity. Range: Soul Blast: feet 61 m maximum. Damage: 6D6 points direct to Hit Points per blast.

If the damage is enough to kill the character he needs to make a saving throw of 14 vs Soul Drink. Attacks per Melee: The villain can only fire this blast once per melee and then it takes two of his attacks, so it is used sparingly as it often leaves him exposed for a few seconds.

Special Prerequisites: In order to have this power, the character must have been demonic at some point in his existence see Heroic Hellion Power Category or have his powers Bestowed upon him by a supernatural power. This ability is most common among evil villains, but may also be applicable to Heroic Hellions and the Mystically Bestowed who serve as avengers and punishers of evil. This power only works on the character and no one else.

Metal Armor Natural A. Bonuses and S. They seem to appear out of the air and rocket towards their target as projectiles. Energy Expulsion: Soul Blast This devastating power is typically reserved for villains whose abilities are Mystically Bestowed by the powers of darkness; e. The attack comes in the form of energy drawn from the deepest pits of Hell. When it is fired, a black nimbus of energy dances around the character.

The beam is black with wisps of purple energy dancing around it. Upon striking an opponent. Should the blast kill that person, the individual's very soul is at risk.

If the damage is enough to kill the character Hit Points reduced to zero or below , he needs to make a saving throw of 14 vs Soul Drink. No usual bonuses to save apply. The wall disappears at the end of the duration. Duration: 3 minutes per level of experience. Damage: 1D6 per level of experience. The damage can be regulated in increments of 1D6. Of course the silver inflicts extra damage to those beings vulnerable to silver. Create Silver Hand-Held Weapon: The character can recreate any handheld ancient weapon, only it is made entirely of silver.

Range: Close combat or usual throwing range for that weapon. Duration: Remains as long as the character wants it and keeps it on his person ideally in hand , otherwise it fades into thin air 30 seconds after it is thrown, dropped or put aside. Encase in Silver: The character can encase objects or people in silver. A small target up to the size of a typical microwave can be completely covered in seconds and counts as one attack.

Small targets like a gun or isolated parts on a humanoid such as the hands or feet to bind an opponent take seconds and count as two melee attacks essentially a Called Shot.

The metal encasement has an AR. Large targets up to the size of a love seat, 50 gallon drum or half the body take seconds to encase, but still count as two melee attacks. The encasement has an AR. Beings vulnerable to silver take 3D6 S. The book has been missing for millennia. This article is a stub. Best Selling in Rifts See all. The original pen and ink artwork was presented to Kevin at the Palladium Open House as a gift to remind Kevin and crew that the fans are behind him and Palladium Books during this tough period.

If the book is destroyed, it is said, the Cosmo-Knights will cease to exist within a generation and the forces of Chaos shall reign.


You can help Rifts Wiki by expanding it. Index All Recent Guidelines. The Book herors Heroes is an ancient magic tome that empowers those with the potential for greatness.

Rifts Role Playing Games. Ratings and Reviews Write a review. Is there a magic book that inspires and empowers new heroes to rise up and make a difference megaerse they are needed most? Why the book must never fall into the hands of any Lord of Hell.

The Minion War is such a dark time, as the forces of Hell ripple across the Megaverse, bringing death and destruction.

Skip to main content. Show More Show Less.One of countless alien worlds linked to Rifts Earth by the manydimensional. The story goes someth ing like this: Long ago, when the galaxies were young and nary a humanoid had yet reached for the stars, a powerful force somewhere, somehow.

They point out that hundreds of worlds outside the Three Galaxies have similar myths and legends, and that the legend of the Book of Heroes might not even originate in the Three Galaxies. His punches do massive amounts of damage to demons. Still others attribute its creation to Thoth or Osiris. All good and selfish aligned opponents take considerable damage , while evil aligned opponents take less damage from Demonic Fury.

It takes one melee attack to erect each 5 foot 1. On rare occasions the creature will agree to a pact. The treachery of the demons' bold invasion of the Three Galaxies would certainly seem to qualify as a time of darkness and great need. This supports true believers who say the Book of Heroes has no boundaries and goes wherever it is most needed - anywhere and everywhere - in the Megaverse.

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