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author Jasinda Wilder is a Michigan native with a penchant for titillating tales about sexy men and strong women. Her bestselling titles include Alpha, Stripped, . Trashed (Stripped) by Jasinda Wilder PDF, ePub eBook D0wnl0ad. I'm nobody. I' m an orphan. A janitor. A college student. A virgin. And him?. Stripped book. Read reviews from the world's largest community for readers . So how did I get myself into this situation, you ask? Simple: desperati.

You will be in for a treat for sure and the steam His presence is… intoxicating. View all 26 comments. Aug 17, Sandra rated it liked it Shelves: How did this get from a possible 5 star read to a 3?

Unfortunately i got more reasons than just 1. But first Let me briefly tell you what it's about Grey is a pastor's daughter, who after her mother's death, gets really sick of her father's lifestyle and the way he controls her life. She wants to do what she wants and feels is right. So against his 'wishes' she rans off to film school in L.

However, money is soon running out and so she hasn't got any choice but to strip her way through col How did this get from a possible 5 star read to a 3? However, money is soon running out and so she hasn't got any choice but to strip her way through collage or go back home which is not an option. With her beautiful body and dance moves, she soon becomes very popular at what she does There Grey meets the hottest movie star sex god on the planet He can not take his eyes off of her.

She's different from others girls. All he knows is he wants her.. He wants to know why there is sadness and desperation in her eyes. But will she open up to him? Will she let him in? Will Grey fall into the world of sin, and if she will, is she going to be lost forever or can she redeem herself? Beginning It started off really, really well. The writing style and plot pulled me into the story that i thought would be very beautiful and inspiring.

When Grey stood up for herself, didn't let her father make decisions for her and actually said what she thought, i was all like.. I loved her then! But sadly that didn't last long. But then she became more cliche, pathetic, naive and just simply stupid throughout the book.

I haven't wanted to bitch slap a character this bad since a few weeks now. She was the reason this book ended up just 'ehh' for me. Grey went to get the strip dance job, right?

It could have been million times worse but yet she still complains. Every time after a dance she rans to the toilet and throws up. Even whilst dancing she sometimes cries. And i'm just like I understand her actions when she began doing that, but you'd think after 3 months the girl would get used to it. All she does is continue on crying,crying and crying. At that point i'm like Grey was such an annoying protagonist i wanted to strangle her.

Protective, hot, caring, thoughtful and not to mention swoon worthy! He always helped Grey and wanted to be there for her. He did these little and not so little things for her that made my heart melt.

Every time Dawson was with her and actually didn't thought her to be a pathetic little girl, i was like 'are you dumb or something?

See a Problem?

I think he deserves someone much better than Grey. The plot and the book in general had a LOT of potential, sadly it didn't live up to it. What's the point? It only takes away the full enjoyment of a book, and makes readers decrease their rating.

Seriously, just stop. When i reached the end i was just like It was kind of ridiculous, cheesy, and unrealistic. It felt like the author had no idea what she was writing about. I was just zooming out and skipping paragraphs because i couldn't be bothered anymore. I just didn't care at that point.. I still managed to like this book enough to finish. It was an OK read. Could have been SO much more. Sincerely - The Critic View all 46 comments.

Jun 21, Spoiler Whore-Momoa rated it it was ok Shelves: I really liked the concept and the blurb. I couldn't wait to get my hands on it.

As I'm reading the book my hope plummets. It failed The story was boring, predictable and just blah. The chemistry, if there was any, between the characters I didn't feel. I didn't get. The "love" scenes were not the best but it wasn't the worst. The 2. The story had soooo much potential but sadly I wasn't impressed. It's not a memorable story so don't ask what happened in the book. And then she did it I don't know how many dot dot dots there were but it was plenty to point this out.

ARC given out for an honest review View all 8 comments. Jun 21, Miriam Mathew rated it liked it Shelves: It's safe to say that I've had some very high expectations for this book. It's a very Oh, and when I said stripper? I meant that the heroine was a virginal stripper. Yes, you've heard THAT right. I can see those looks of disbelief right now but I don't blame you. Even I still have difficulty understanding that concept. It's just hard to imagine a person who takes off her clothes and entertain people for money is an innocent, doe-eyed virgin who flinches at contact with men.

It's really hard to imagine such a thing, but maybe that's just because I'm a very cynical person. My glass is always half empty. So that's partly one of the reasons why I expected so much from this book.

In a way, I got what I wanted. As erotica, it was very well written and very spicy. Okay fine, that's a bit of an understatement. The sex scenes? Here's a tip for anybody looking to read it in the near future, read this book in an air-conditioned room.

You're going to need it. Trust me. It was just so hawt and the chemistry was off the charts! I finally understand the need for cold showers.

Anyway, onto the characters. I didn't once connect with her throughout the story.

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Maybe because she was so busy playing hard-to-get with Dawson and I was literally begging her to stop being so damn difficult. It was infuriating. I mean I get it. I get it. I get that she was sheltered throughout her entire life before she came to Los Angeles. But she's been a stripper for more than two years now. You'd think she'd adapt to her special situation. If her unwillingness and narrow-mindedness didn't piss me off, her insecurity would do the job.

Her excessive insecurity was on the same level of Bella Swan from Twilight which is saying like a lot. Who am I? Who am I, that this man loves me? But this glorious man, this near-deity…he loves me. What am I, that he feels so strongly about me? What do I offer? Grey Amundsen doesn't look at the good qualities and things she has to offer.

Instead she continually asks herself why a god-like man I'm not arguing with her description there chooses to love her even though he already has provided like a hundred reasons. And the worst thing is, it continues. But he barely knows me, and what if he finds someone else? Someone prettier? Someone more experienced? It would ruin me. No longer a virgin. I feel like an impostor sometimes. She doesn't stop.

She just goes on and on about how Dawson is too good for her, yada yada yada. And if she's not doing that, she's thinking about how being with Dawson was sinful. But I do.

And why not? It was sin. I stink of Dawson. I reek of his musk, his essence, his touch. I could have understood her reasons at the start but she was thinking about Dawson like that all the time.

Give me a break. Or better, cry me a river, build a bridge and get over it. It's safe to say, me and Grey have a hate-hate relationship.

Meet Dawson He's sexy. He's sweet. He's romantic. Dawson is one of those mainstream types seen in erotica. If you compiled a checklist for him, then every box would be ticked: He's a former man-whore who gave up his philandering way for Grey.

He's filthy rich. No, really. He could burn money at the rate that he earns it. He's the sexiest guy to cross the earth.

Read Trashed (Stripped) by Jasinda Wilder for online ebook

He'll chase after his woman , no matter how many 'Fuck Off' signals she gives him. But hey, apparently women find this hot I have no idea why though. Usually I'm sick of reading about men like that in books. I hate those ass-holes, I just hate them.

Jasinda Wilder just wrote about Dawson in such a way that I would concentrate on his good qualities rather than his minuscule bad ones. He's an alpha male who likes occasionally to be "dominated" by Grey and is turned on by it.

I'm not complaining though. Alpha males are sexy. His eyes. Dawson's goddamned eyes. This is a negative aspect There's starting to be a trend in books like these where the guys always have "quick-changing" eyes depending on their moods. Dawson is one such man. His eyes are quicksilver, a changeable hazel. I'm really confused.

How the hell can eyes change to so many colours?!?!? I've never seen that before in my life. Not eyes that can change to hazel then to brown, magically transform into moss-green or start to go a little blue. Apparently it is possible. It's not something that I'm mad about, it's just something that irked me throughout the book. And even if it did make me mad, it's just impossible for me to stay mad at Dawson.

View all 39 comments. Aug 06, Angie - Angie's Dreamy Reads rated it it was amazing. This Review was posted at Angie's Dreamy Reads "A sensuous, erotic and breathtaking romance that breaks molds, shatters thoughts and makes you feel alive. The perfect read. I mean look at the cover and blurb.

It screams hot right? What I did not expect was a sensual, erotic and provocative read that melted my heart with love, romance and heartbreak. It was intense, be This Review was posted at Angie's Dreamy Reads "A sensuous, erotic and breathtaking romance that breaks molds, shatters thoughts and makes you feel alive. It was intense, beautifully written, well paced, perfectly developed and absolutely addicting. It had it all.

Everything I could have wanted in a book. The characters were so beautifully crafted that the only thing you could do was savor every word and love them wholeheartedly. Honestly I was blown away by just how emotionally gripping this book was. I was only a couple chapters in and crying already. You just love Gray immediately.

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She is one hell of a girl. I think Jasinda Wilder books are one of my new favorite addictions. This woman's writing is absolutely stunning, clear, precise and the picture and story that is written for the reader could not be better.

I loved this book. I loved this story. This book is one that I would re-read, come back to and remember. Grey is a good girl. Her father is a Baptist preacher who is overbearing and extremely strict.

This has sheltered her from so many of life's everyday struggles. Being naive, sweet hearted and always doing the right thing has lead Gray to feel frustrated.

Not only is she frustrated but she feels trapped, smothered and I think lonely. The way she expresses herself is through dance.

She uses dance to channel all her inner thoughts and feelings. Her father allows her this one thing. As Gray dances something happens with her mother.

Her mother who has always been the voice of reason in her life. The only one who Gray felt truly loved her and accepted her for who she is. When life strikes it leaves her at a crossroads. She has to chose between her father and a new passion that she wants to pursue.

Gray is left in a very emotionally charged situation. She takes a job as a Stripper. A man, no She is one of the most lovely characters I have read. She makes you fall so in love with her and feel all her pain. She is strong, confident and an achiever and I loved that she never let anything hold her back from what she wanted to do.

Even when Gray is scared or unsure she takes a chance. I found that to be a fantastic quality. The emotional connection between them left me breathless. The kisses were sensuous and then once we got to the more intimate parts my heart was a puddle of melty goodness.

Trashed (Stripped) by Jasinda Wilder

It made me CRY. It was touching, sweet and sinfully sexy. It went beyond sex to the ultimate human connection which is love. It gave me what I long to find when reading a romance. Dawson shows Gray things about love and life. He changes not only her life but his as well. Is it easy? I think Dawson digs deep to give this girl what she needs. He is truly more that the sexy, Hollywood bad boy. Together these two are going to ROCK your world. Their love is pure and their sex life is off the damn charts HOT.

You are going to be left wanting more. She did an amazing job helping us get to know these characters. I was addicted, hooked and gripped by what I read. I would URGE you to read it. Jun 21, Jamie rated it it was amazing Shelves: I have a brand spanking new book boyfriend and his name is Dawson Kellor! Don't even think about touching him ladies!

Grey Amundsen grew up as a preachers daughter in Macon, Ga. He suffocated her with his beliefs of sin and hell. He barely let her do anything, thinking anything outside of the Church was a sin.

He didn't understand her at all. She grew to hate him for that. She had a great relationship with her mom and that was the only thing that helped her out. Her mom was the bridge to her dad..

She developed a passion for it and her teacher thought she had a real talent and could make a career out of it with her talent for directing.

After she graduates.. A at USC. It also eventually lands her broke, hungry, and desperate. But she hates doing it.. But she's got to survive somehow Dawson fall's for her immediately.. Dawson could have any woman he wanted but he wanted Grey the minute he saw her. Grey was completely overwhelmed but she couldn't fight the connection they had.

Dawson was extremely protective of Grey and wasn't going to let anything come between them--not even Grey. And they were sooooooo HOT together. His hand smooth's over my belly, over my thighs. I willingly part my legs for his touch, sinfully and wantonly spread my thighs wide as his fingers delve deep. Then his touch is slicking into my cleft and the tug is a hot jerking inside me, ropes of nerves being twisted and pulled and braided by the rhythmic, searching sweep of his fingers inside me.

LOVED this book so much, couldn't put it down from page one I'm a huge fan of Jasinda Wilder and she proved why, again, with Stripped. She has a way of making you feel like your inside the story at times. I love how descriptive she is and leaves no little juicy detail out. And ladies.. But this is more than a story about a couple with amazing chemistry..

It's about taking desperate measures to make that dream come true.. View all 18 comments. Why do I rarely find good books these days? Grey Amundsen was a college student and due to financial constraints and lack of job availabilities, she succumbed to the only option of becoming an exotic dancer or a stripper.

One night, a high profile celebrity, Dawson Kellor, rented the whole club. He requested for a private dance. The whole private dance and kissing scene were supposed to be hot but not really. The day after that, she went to the office as an intern. She was taking up a course about films and stuff. And yep, to her surprise, the main character was none other than Dawson Kellor.

The story started out when Grey was 16 or Her love for dancing and film were very much emphasized. There was an added drama about her mom dying and her dad being so strict and inconsiderate. Her character was presented for so long. I have nothing against that, actually. So yeah, I was irritated. She met Dawson when she was already 20 years old. There were no sparks. No chemistry. No witty banters. Just plain old boring interactions. I thought this was a bit original.

One example, Dawson asked Grey when was the last time she ate because he heard her stomach rumble. After that, he left his other car for her to drive since she was just riding a bus. He paid her tuition, her room and board. These things reminded me so much of Christian Grey. Grey also was like Anastasia Steele. She was deflowered by Dawson. It also reminded me of Love Unscripted. Dawson was popularly known as his character Cain Riley from the paranormal action movie, Mark of Hell.

Well, that kind of humility and him being in a paranormal movie reminded me so much of Ryan Christiansen. And we could also add that Dawson also won an Oscar for Best Actor. It just really depends on the writer on how she will make it her own and make it believable and realistic.

I read her other books. Those were pretty good, actually. But here, I found her way of writing a bit chopped at times.

It felt like Grey was a kid narrating the story. And yes, Grey was annoying. She was acting like a jealous girlfriend the moment she started working with him. There was insta-lust and maybe love at first sight… not believable! The sex scenes were okay. Some were hot only because too much effort was put into them. View all 12 comments. Aug 18, Jen rated it really liked it Shelves: This book is what I classify as a "feel good," light romance.

It had a little bit of angst; but not so much between the couple, more from outside forces. I found it to be slightly "corny" at times when the couple was expressing their feelings to one another. There was sex in this story; but there were times that I felt the details were being described to a simple minded person.

The author goes into a vivid description of what a cock looks like, and even an in depth description of a condom's char This book is what I classify as a "feel good," light romance. The author goes into a vivid description of what a cock looks like, and even an in depth description of a condom's characteristics. I am sorry, but when I am reading a romance novel, I would prefer not to have a lesson in what a condom's appearance is.

That's just me, and it was something that lessened the couple's moment for me. On the whole the story kept me entertained; but there were definite things in the book that just didn't do it for me.

In the beginning, we learn about Grey and her life as a Pastor's daughter. She is quite sheltered, protected, and controlled by her father. Her mother on the other hand tends to soften the blow, and tries to act as the mediator between Grey and her Father. A tragic situation happens that changes the dynamic of their small family, and Grey heads of to LA to pursue her dream in film school. Of course, her father is dead set against it and warns her that she will fall into a life of sin.

This is extremely hard on someone innocent like Grey; but at night she turns herself into "Gracie" and does what she has to do. During a night when the club has been rented for a private party, she is faced with some thing that has never happened before A well known actor named Dawson is watching her dance, and the sparks fly between the two of them. This may be the first time they meet; but they cross paths later on where Grey needs to work for him as his assisstant.

It is only a matter of time before Dawson and Grey will give into their desire, as they both have feelings that they have never experienced before. The love story between Grey and Dawson is quite sweet; but I did find it very cliche. The hardest part to take for me was Grey's tendency to cry at everything. The trouble was that she cried so much, that when the time came for her to be justified in crying, I was already annoyed by it.

There was one situation that came up, and if it happened to me, I would have balled my eyes out too; but at that point she had cried so much that it had lessened the effect. In saying all of this, I feel I would be comfortable rating this book a 3. It just did not have that "WOW" factor for me. I had no problem with Jasinda Wilder's writing however, and I would for sure try out other books she has written or is going to write.

I can see her going far as a writer, and I think that a lot of people will truly love this book.

Jun 21, Aestas Book Blog marked it as to-read. I know I should say no, I know he's the worst kind of player Full length New Adult Contemporary Romance: HEA ending. AUG 16, View all 3 comments. Aug 19, Kay rated it did not like it Recommends it for: Uh, people who really don't like strippers, I guess. Recommended to Kay by: I'm bored, this is relevant to my interests. You might like it if you have a really deep affection for stories where a man appears and fixes literally everything in a helpless girl's life while also boning her senseless, but it's not really much of a convincing romance on either side.

OK, first off: A real stripper, not the unsettling, mewling creature depicted in this book. Whether you agree with and approve of the existence of the industry or not, it is not very accurately presented in this at all, to the extent it affirms some damaging stereotypes.

Also, stupid. Like, you can be super hot in a club and make zero money because you are an annoying wet blanket who doesn't know how to hustle which is the most important part of stripping, more than dancing or having a perfect body , and Grey is exactly that.

Listen, the men can tell. I don't like every patron at the club, but I don't automatically think they're all awful monsters just because they're in a strip club. And why isn't Dawson supposed to be just as bad? He was there, too, and he's just as interested in boning Grey as the rest of them Not to detour too excessively into the politics of the sex industry, but there is a lot to be said about the societal coercion surrounding stripping and other related fields!

Would women end up in these fields if there were less of a pay gap? If we had an economy with more options for people in financial straits? If women were less objectified overall? But this book does not actually give a shit about any of that; it's primarily interested in having us watch a pretty girl sob as she takes off her top. It's objectifying her sadness and misery as much as or more than her written body; she's supposed to be more appealing to us as a person and recipient of sexual attention because she's miserable and crying onstage.

That's gross! It's OK to like sexual attention. It doesn't mean you don't get to define your own autonomy and sexual needs. The author did a little nominal research into how finances work with regards to tipping and percentages and stage fees, but not a whole lot into the other aspects of stripping.

Grey wears three inch heels. No one wears three inch heels. Five is an absolute bare minimum, six is preferred. There ain't nothin "hooker" about a three inch stiletto heel on a knee high boot, not in this day and age.

Also, nobody in LA is charging 10 dollars for a private dance and certainly not FIVE for a table dance from a year-old blonde white woman with natural D-cup breasts. Try 30, maybe 40 dollars. Grey's club isn't full nude, but it is consistent and accurate with California laws, in that private dances aren't supposed to involve touching. Stripping in LA kind of blows and most of the things that make real money are now prohibited. Don't do it, go to Vegas instead. Grey really should have been a character I liked: But she is just kind of a tragic annoying victim who's waiting around to get rescued by the most unsexy 2D dude I've ever seen.

He hits all the 50 Shades tropes of being possessive and demanding her attention and totally weirdly paternalistic about her relationship with food, though he isn't as meticulously creepy as Christian Grey. Dawson's creepy shows up when he gives her a bunch of money she'd turned down and then downloads her strip club, shutting it down so she can't go back to work. Nice thought, man, except you've now also put the other employees out of work: Or are those women less important because they aren't hapless victim strippers?

I'm officially a stripper. The loving reaffirmations of how she's so sexy! But so victimized by her own humiliation! Why do we enjoy reading about women who are being forced to do something sexual that they hate?

Why do we need them to be so resistant? I did actually like the scenes with Grey growing up, but those felt like they belonged in a different genre of book- most people will be reading this for the sex scenes.

Which aren't bad, actually, and I was impressed by the fact they actually went for anal, until dude went to ass-to-vag and I screamed and flailed about how that will make the poor girl sick. Wash your dick, Dawson, if you care about her so much! The whole thing just felt really flimsy. The celebrity name-dropping and the moments where real-life celebs, like Morgan Freeman, were supposed to be talking was really awkward and disruptive; it would've flowed better if she'd made people up, I think.

I actually really wanted to like this, just to be contrary, but. There was one scene I liked, where Grey receives a bunch of extra money from a drunk patron, and she takes it and then shares it with the other girls. That was nice of her and realistic. Of course, that moment precedes said patron trying to rape her in the parking lot because these bouncers are apparently not even bothering to look outside, as though part of their job isn't to watch the lot , so that Dawson can save her.

Nothing like rape as romantic plot device to spice up a love story. Most of this content does not hit my buttons. I like a different type of male lead, I suppose- so-called "alpha males," sure, but the hyper-focus on note-perfect physical beauty isn't necessary to me.

It doesn't feel like the author was trying. I can tell she's not a bad writer, but maybe she lost interest in this plot or something. Goodreads user black lamb is Satan's minion. I got that Grey, daughter to a very devout southern Baptist pastor, has lived a very isolated life. She has very few friends and her father limits most activities based on religious views. Her mother has always went to bat for her. Her love for dance was always shunned by her father but her mother paved the way to a successful dancing hobby.

But when life throws Grey a pretty shitty curveball no spoilers , she up and leaves for college at USC for hopes of being a film director someday. She has zero money and surviving on scholarship money that is soon to run out.

She has no choice but to find a good paying job. Easier said than done. She eventually has to choose between moving back home or taking employment in a strip bar.. It's not total nudity It goes against everything her father has taught her but when her future is on the line, she agrees to take the job. Dawson is a famous actor in town shooting a "Gone with the Wind" remake movie. When he and the guys stop off at a strip club for a bit of fun, he can't believe the dancer that walks into the VIP room.

Making everyone leave, he requests she dance just for him Weeks later, when he's in a meeting for his movie, said dancer walks back into his life as his newly assigned personal assistant. She's a stripper and a college intern for this prestigious film company? He's got to have her She doesn't belong in the strip joint and he's going to make sure she's aware she's too good for that lifestyle. Grey is again running scared.

She can't believe her two lives are crashing together. It's like one giant shitstorm. She hates stripping, literally vomits after each show She hates it but has no choice in the matter What I liked about this book 1- Dawson, Dawson, and Dawson. Did I mention Dawson? He's successful, rich, and uber loyal to the "Grey cause. Something about her draws him to her unlike all the other one night hookups he's used to.

She's a huge contradiction. On one hand she's a stripper but on the other, she seems like an innocent frightened child. Someone needing support and protection. He aims to do that The view spoiler [cherry popping hide spoiler ] scene was one of the best I've ever read.

What drove me batshit crazy about this book- 1- Grey, Grey, and Grey. Did I mention Grey? Now I understand she's supposed to be this sheltered southern Baptist girl but come on! She cries like the whole first half of the book! Get a backbone chica! She was immature, weak, and overly dramatic. Very bad timing Lets move on people. Who does that? He wanted her to be safe and not walk to class! She blows you off, she strips for a living, tells you "this" cannot happen between you two, but you keep coming for more.

She didn't even "put out" for that! So I can see why there's a plethora of mixed reviews. I'm happy I stuck it out as I definitely feel it improved, saving my rating. But if you're NOT a fan of weak heroines, this book probably isn't for you. Overall worth the time for me, however Buddy read with SueBee and Lkay.

View all 23 comments. Jun 22, Patrycja rated it it was amazing Shelves: I was really excited to start Stripped and even more giddy after I dove into it and found out that it was nothing I expected it to be, because it was even better!

Sexy, passionate and enjoyable Stripped is a story that stoked me. Fantastic concept with great twist plus perfect writing made me love it! Never touched and kissed, completely pure, Grey was raised to believe sex is sin I was really excited to start Stripped and even more giddy after I dove into it and found out that it was nothing I expected it to be, because it was even better!

Never touched and kissed, completely pure, Grey was raised to believe sex is sin and world is full of perverts who are waiting on easy prey. She leaves him and goes to L. Living in Hollywood is hard and quickly Grey realizes that she has no way of finishing college without job.

Now she has no choice but do the thing that made her ashmed and guilty. How much I loved him! His just wow. Desirable, rich and possesive he melted my heart as soon as Grey met him. I adored how caring and loveable he was toward her.

Great alpha male character. His monloque swept me off my feet and made my heart ache. And the fact that sex oozes from him? It just made me want to lose my panties.

There was nothing that was left unanswered or made this book unrealistic. This unputdownable read left me breathless and extremely satisfied. Every romance junkie will get perfect, fabulous read that will melt hearts. Aug 19, Catarina rated it really liked it Shelves: Grey has a dream.

She wants to be a dancer. She wants to spend her life doing what she loves the most: So she ends up doing something like this so she can live: In one of those nights she meets, Dawson, famous Holly 4 Dancing Stars!! In one of those nights she meets, Dawson, famous Hollywood actor who is believed being a spoiled and rich playboy.

Although he is really not, fact that he tries to prove over and over. But she is a broken soul and keeps pushing him away… and he constantly tries to save her. Altought I really like the story and how it gone, Grey is preventing me of giving a higher rating. She is just so whining, teary and annoying!!

Get a grip, girl!! Thank God for Dawson!! He is real great and lets not forget sexy! View all 20 comments. Nov 01, CC rated it liked it Shelves: So based on my comments from 2 years ago "I enjoyed it! Totally not realistic, but a sweet, fun story! I also did not mind NA much then. Well what a difference two years make! I still enjoyed the story somewhat. She cried in about every two scenes.

I think she vomited in every 4. I cannot totally enjoy a story anymore when the heroine is that annoying. The hero was ok. A So based on my comments from 2 years ago "I enjoyed it! A little strange to me in his obsession for her. He was just hard to relate to. Snoozefest and a bit sad.

The later part of the book became a total cheese-off, vs just very cheesy. It was so boring and ridiculous. If I were rating this as a new read, it would get 2 stars. Since I did give it 4 stars in the past, I am going to average them.

Had basically gotten clean over the past couple of years but he is out with friends who are using coke and has a past hook up text him and offer an eight ball and anal. Heroine was a sheltered preacher's daughter virgin stripper in college. Of Course!!! She went topless stripping, but never bottomless. There is an attempted rape They do use condoms Death of a parent hide spoiler ] View 1 comment. Virgin stripper plus movie star sex god?

How could I resist? So how does one get to be a virgin stripper, you ask? Grey is the daughter of a conservative Baptist pastor. Her father believes that dancing is sinful, which sucks, because Grey loves it. She finally convinces her father to let her take dance classes—provided he approves the routines and outfits—and she shines.

She also develops an interest in film making thanks to a high school elective. She moves to LA to study film even though it means destroying her relationship with her dad.

In order to stay in school she has to find a job that pays well, and she has to find it quick. Grey gets a job as a stripper in a seedy club, even though she hates exotic dancing and feels ashamed of herself. All of this backstory takes up the first third of the book, and that portion of the book really crawled. The strictly linear progression of the story felt clunky and off to me. Dancing for Dawson is different. She feels a sensual pull between them, and she starts to drop her stripper persona Gracie, the down home country girl and dances as Grey.

She flees the room leaving her metaphorical glass slipper or diamond studded G-string behind. Grey is all ready to forget about Movie Star Sex God and the kiss when fate intervenes.

She has an internship at a movie studio. She arrives to a meeting to find Movie Star Sex God sitting at the table—obviously he recognizes her, but he keeps his mouth shut. Seriously, this poor girl. Her esophagus must be raw by now, not to mention what it's doing to her teeth. He drives her back to her dorm when she insists on walking. He insists she use his car rather than drive everywhere. I pee and miss the toilet. I take shits. I eat cheeseburgers.

I watch baseball and drink beer. His peen has detected that she is an innocent little flower in a den of sin and he must rescue her. In true romance hero style, he has slept with half the women in the world, but now he can think of only Grey. He must have her! He must rescue her! I did enjoy these parts of the book.There are choices she makes as an adult which are a direct result of her upbringing.

He insists she use his car rather than drive everywhere. Grey's club isn't full nude, but it is consistent and accurate with California laws, in that private dances aren't supposed to involve touching.

The things he does for her There's nothing I'd like more than to quit and never go into another bar again, never hear the techno beat pulsing in my ears again, never feel the lecherous gazes of horny men again. Dawson is a man used to getting what he wants, and he wants Grey.

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