How to Create an Ebook. eBooks are popular, both with those who have a product to sell and those who have a story to tell. An effective way to drive traffic to. For eBooks, image resolution is measured by pixels per inch (PPI). . the " Illustrations" section, click Pictures; Find the image file you want to insert; Click Insert. Adding images and pictures to an ebook manuscript is easy using Microsoft Word , as long as you make sure you reduce the size of your images to suit an ebook.

Ebook With Pictures

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Last month I discussed how to clean up your manuscript to prepare it for ebook conversion. This time I'm going to be looking at how to do the. Get started making an ebook with Blurb's ebook creator. Easily design and share an ebook for site site Fire ®, Apple iPad®, Android, and Mac or PC. Download the perfect ebook pictures. Find over 47 of the best free ebook images. Free for commercial use ✓ No attribution required ✓ Copyright-free.

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Make an Ebook

We recommend that all images be submitted at pixels per inch at the size they will appear in your eBook. To make sure readers have the best experience, use high-definition images wherever possible.

Nothing frustrates a reader more than downloading your book -- but not being able to download it. On top of that, our favorite elephant in the room, site, deducts fifteen cents per megabyte from every royalty payment as a "transport fee.

The easiest way to add images to an ebook is by using Microsoft Word

If you're charging less, the damage is even worse. What can we do to avoid this catastrophe? What is the cause of all of this bloat?

Well, you'll need to trust me on this: it isn't your words. If you don't believe me, look at this picture of the innards of an ebook: These are the files that make up the text portion of an average-sized book Joseph Campbell's Myths to Live By ; my paperback copy is pages. See those numbers in the third column, the column headed size?

They range from under a kilobyte to 21KB -- the total, including the front and back matter, is KB, or just over a tenth of a megabyte.

How To Add Images To An Ebook – A Step By Step Guide

If you were to download the ePub file of this ebook, you'd see that the file is actually somewhere around 4. So where did the other 4. A few kilobytes of it can be found in the stylesheets, navigation files, and such.

But most of it came from the ninety-odd lovely pictures that I added when I was creating the ebook edition.

That's sixty cents off the top of every site sale. But the images were integral to the new edition, the first put out by the Joseph Campbell Foundation. So in they stayed. So what's a body supposed to do?

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Taking a byte out of file size Before we start our pictures on their weight-loss program, I need to explain something about images in ebook files: they have to be either JPEG or PNG portable network graphics files.

No bitmap. This turns out to be a good thing, because these two formats allow the most control over the final size of your image file.

Ebook images

We're almost ready to start working with the images -- but remember: never work with the original file. Always work with a copy, so that if something goes horribly wrong, all you've lost is a little time.

Rename your working files.

Put them in a different folder. On a different computer.

In a different city. And make sure that there's a backup of the Oh, you know the drill. One of the most important, most technical jobs involved in designing an ebook is massaging the images so that they don't take up too much space, but at the same time still display beautifully.

There are three parts to making that happen: Sizing making sure that the height and width of the image are in the right range of pixels Compression using software to make the file as small as possible without losing quality Optimization getting rid of some unnecessary bloat that your image carries around with it needlessly Sizing The easiest way to decrease the file size of your image is to decrease the number of pixels -- in other words, simply making the picture smaller.

At this point most phones let alone dedicated cameras are capable of taking pictures over 10 megapixels -- that is, ten million little collections of red, green, and blue dots.

The native dimensions of a picture taken on an iPhone 5s like mine is x pixels.

Guess what? Even an high-resolution Retina iPad can't squeeze that many pixels onto its screen. Neither can a Retina MacBook 15". So, I ask, why include pixels that will never actually be seen by anyone not reading your ebook on a super-high-definition 30" computer monitor? In this next section I'm going to assume that you're used to working with a basic image editing program like PhotoScape, GIMP, or Apple Preview -- if you can find your way around Adobe Photoshop even an old version , this should be easy.

Open the file.

Just checking. In your app, find the menu item to resize the picture. In Photoshop, it's under the Image menu: Image Size Online Resources: A valid library card Internet access Note: Once the eBook is downloaded you can read it offline.

Desktop or Laptop PC or Mac: Click here for a guide to setting this up. Kobo eReader will need Adobe Digital Editions.

Click here for a step by step guide to setting up your Kobo eReader. Sony eReader with wifi will be set up and ready to use. Click here for a step by step guide to setting up your Sony eReader.

Nook eReader will need Adobe Digital Editions.To view this page, you'll need Adobe Flash Player. While site is probably the best starting point, and the most used, there are other self-publishing options. You need to be able to draw your main character from all the angles that you previously blocked in a way that the reader feels they're looking at the same character each and every page.

You don't want to have to redraw your book! We appreciate your feedback. You will see the width, height and resolution of your image.

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