A cumulative index, outlining each plan profiled in the complete Business Plans Handbook series. •. A Business Plan Template which serves as a model to help. Business Plans Handbook, Volume 12 (BPH) is a collection of actual business plans . Your comments on Business Plans Handbook are appreciated . Business Plans Handbook (c) Cengage Learning. All Rights Reserved. Business Plans A COMPILATION OF BUSINESS PLANS DEVELOPED BY.

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Highlights Business Plans Handbook, Volume 18 (BPH) is a collection of business plans compiled by entrepreneurs seeking funding for small businesses . Highlights Business Plans Handbook, Volume 17 (BPH) is a collection of business plans compiled by entrepreneurs seeking funding for small businesses . VOLUME 20 Lynn M. Pearce, Project Editor Business Plans Handbook (c) Cengage Learning. All Rights Reserved. Business Plans A COMPILATION OF.

Hamilton will directly contact well-known gold wholesalers. As these downloaders are constantly searching for new gold sources, developing these relationships will not be an issue. Additionally, the Company will make its presence known among real estate agents and property management firms that specialize in the sale and placement of leases for land that is known to carry precious metal deposits. Hamilton will directly contact these companies in order to develop working relationships.

In an economic recession, the demand for gold decreases as people will have less discretionary income. As such, the business should have very few issues regarding top line income. In addition to the removal of construction debris and unwanted items such as clothing, household items, and old furniture for individuals and business owners, our enterprise specializes in removing property from foreclosed homes as well as items that evicted tenants have left behind in apartment buildings.

Unable to find similar work, Harry decided to take advantage of equipment that he already owned a full-size pickup truck, foot enclosed trailer, and a large flatbed trailer and establish his own haul-away service. Florida was among the states that were impacted the most severely. In Broward County alone, DemographicsNow indicated that there were , individuals between the ages of 55 and 64, a total of , people between the ages of 65 and 74, and , residents over the age of A graduate of Randall Kennedy Community College, Bill has a two-year accounting degree, with practical experience in bookkeeping.

We will begin by concentrating on banks with property holdings in specific Broward County communities from the above listing report and map available upon request. By reinvesting as much of our profits as we can into the business, our hope is to add two additional staff members and a vehicle-trailer combination during each of our second and third years of operation. Finally, during our third year we plan to add service in Palm Beach County.

In this larger, three-county market area consisted of 1. In Miami-Dade County included , individuals between the ages of 55 and 64, another , in the to age group, and , residents over the age of Finally, the larger three-county area included , individuals between the ages of 55 and 64, another , in the to age group, and , residents over the age of We plan to add video testimonials from customers at the earliest opportunity.

As an owner-operated business, we will make every attempt to provide excellent customer service. We will respond to all customer inquiries within three hours. Calls received after normal business hours e. Our fees will vary depending on the weight of the items that require disposal. In addition, our fees will be higher in the event that two service people are needed, or if items are located in areas that are difficult to access. In addition to our usual fees for junk removal, special charges will sometimes apply: Our employees are bonded and insured, and we have secured appropriate insurance for our vehicles through State Farm documentation available upon request.

Sales projections that reflect our expansion plans during years two and three are available upon request, along with detailed monthly cash flow projections for years one through three. We own our own vehicle and trailer; no major capital downloads are needed to start the business.

The high rate of home foreclosures in our market means there will be ample business opportunities. Unpredictable fuel prices are always a concern. In addition, a low cost of entry in this line of business means we will have plenty of competition, requiring us to differentiate our business with professionalism, exceptional service, and competitive pricing. Content included everything from presentations and sermons to meetings and training material.

Demand was especially strong among educational institutions, non-profit organizations, healthcare providers, and religious organizations. While some organizations distribute content online, there still is a significant need to distribute information via CDs and DVDs. In addition, consumers and organizations both needed to preserve decaying analog media, such as film, video, photographs, 35mm slides, and transparencies by converting them to a digital format.

Our company is a new enterprise established by David Roberts, who has more than 15 years of experience in the media services industry.

Sample Business Plans and Guides

Currently unemployed, Roberts has decided to capitalize on his skill and experience by establishing his own business. DupliPro will define its market along the lines of its two primary service offerings, duplication services and transferring services. Specifically, we have classified prospective customers as follows: According to data from Viking Research Associates, the market can be further sub-divided as follows: At that time, household income will break out as follows: According to Viking Research Associates, our market breaks down according to age as follows: DupliPro will provide the same service at a lower cost and with personalized, local service.

In addition, Apple Grove currently has no media services business that provides transfer services. Customers must travel, or ship their precious original media, to Phoenix 90 minutes away to have their needs met in this area. Many perform transfers on their own, often with mixed results.

DupliPro will provide transfer services of the highest quality directly within Apple Grove at a competitive price. He frequently was called upon to convert analog media to digital formats. His role involved scanning slides and photographs, and performing pre-press services, such as color correction. Accounting and tax advisory services will be provided by Quality Accounting Services.

David Roberts has utilized an online legal document service to prepare the paperwork necessary for incorporating his new business. Focus on marketing and sales, with an objective of generating awareness in the local marketplace and building a core base of commercial customers.

Year 4: Consider the addition of one fulltime employee to concentrate on production so that Dave Roberts can continue efforts to grow the business. Your 5: Begin offering specialized, enhanced services, such as media transfers to customized USB flash drives and specialized board packaging for CDs and DVDs, including self-mailers.

A reputable list broker has been identified, along with an area mail house that can prepare the mailings.

Business Plans Handbook, Volume 21

Areas of the home dedicated to business use will include: Equipment DupliPro will utilize the following equipment for operations: It is capable of destroying discs at a rate of 15 per minute. The PPN is compatible with any computer network and can receive as many as five jobs at once.

A door lock prevents unauthorized access, and further security for published discs is provided by a password protection feature. Monday through Friday—9 am to 5pm Saturday—9 am to 12 noon Sunday—Closed In order to maximize accessibility, DupliPro will have a dedicated telephone number where customers can opt to leave a voicemail message.

The owner will attempt to return all routine inquiries within one business day. Plastic DVD cases are provided at an additional charge free quotes provided upon request. For example: Packaging Options Many options are available; prices available upon request. Insurance DupliPro has secured appropriate business and liability insurance coverage through Thompson Insurance Associates. Duplication only will be provided for individuals or organizations who own the copyright for their material, or for content that is non-copyrighted or in the public domain.

Customers will be required to hold DupliPro harmless from allegations of copyright infringement. Upon request, we will archive digital master files for customers on our secure, password-protected server, expediting additional duplication services that may be needed at a later time. Detailed figures used for estimation purposes are available upon request. Portland, Oregon AppStax is a developer of mobile computer applications for both consumer and enterprise markets.

Consumers utilize apps for everything from playing games and checking the weather to staying current on the latest news and accessing social media sites. Organized as a limited liability company, AppStax is owned by Jeremy Miller, an experienced software developer who has decided to concentrate his efforts mainly on the development of mobile apps.

For this reason, his business will initially focus on developing apps for the popular Apple iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad. However, Jeremy also will offer Android app development, which will be outsourced to another developer. AppStax eventually plans to hire a dedicated Android developer. Apps targeted at individual consumers fall within a large number of different categories, including, but not limited to: Examples include: Device fragmentation and app store variations require independent software vendors ISVs to take precious resources away from innovation and to put them on the appointment instead of development.

Enterprise users remained a key market for mobile apps. Businesses stood to reap a return on investment from applications through reductions in employee overtime, speedier sales cycles, reduced paperwork, faster service response times, and improved billing accuracy. By numerous education opportunities existed for developers of mobile apps. For example, the Association of Strategic Marketing offered audio conferences that addressed mobile application development issues for businesses.

Topics ranged from differences between platforms and targeting customers with social media and location-based services. Most recently, he served as senior software developer with Golden Hammer, a leading publisher of breakthrough educational programs. Over the course of seven years Jeremy utilized his architectural abilities and project management skills to oversee the development of nearly 30 applications, including several English-as-a-second-language ESL applications that earned international recognition.

After writing several mobile applications for the Apple iPhone on a freelance basis , Jeremy was intrigued by the market potential for his work. He has decided to pursue this specific type of development work on a dedicated basis. However, for financial reasons, he will continue developing traditional applications as needed, until he can shift the majority of his project work to the mobile space. In addition, AppStax will need to ensure that it protects intellectual property rights specific to its own original mobile apps.

In addition, he has established a business banking account with Fountainhead Community Bank, as well as a merchant account for accepting credit card payments.

Jeremy Miller will rely upon his individual skills to develop consumer and enterprise-focused mobile apps for the Apple platform. Android development will be offered to customers, but the work initially will be subcontracted to freelance developers with whom Jeremy has established relationships.

Generally speaking, reliable subcontractors will be utilized for all types of development work, in order to provide AppStax with flexibility and scalability during its formative years. During the second year AppStax plans to actually hire an Android developer who, likewise, will have relationships with a network of independent contractors that can be of use to the business.

If the Android developer proves to be the right person, Jeremy will consider making this individual a partner in the business.

In fact, some feel that the operating system is poised to be the Windows of the application world. Android is an open source operating system that can be customized as desired.

The advantage is that apps can be developed for multiple handsets and multiple mobile carriers, and the developer is not tied to rules and requirements established by a specific company, such as Apple. Although this is an advantage, it also can make development more complex.

In some cases, applications must be simplified so that they will work on the greatest number of handsets, for example. Another downside is that the Android Marketplace is more crowded than the Apple App Store, because it is easier to have apps listed there. Finally, during the third year AppStax will consider offering Blackberry app development.

These services also can be offered via the use of independent contractors, or by hiring a dedicated developer with the appropriate skill set. By using effective marketing tactics outlined below , our objective will be to generate a steady stream of revenue from our own software products. In addition to challenges associated with development and marketing, it can be difficult for developers to have their apps included in the various online marketplaces. Conversely, it is much easier to make an app available via the Android Marketplace.

In the latter case, competition is greater due to the larger number of competing apps. Work-for-Hire Development AppStax also will develop mobile apps for other clients e. Opportunities for updates and enhancements will likely exist in cases such as these. We also will develop apps under a variety of other arrangements, including royalty arrangements, etc. We will continuously monitor and modify our Web site in order to ensure that content appears in results for leading search engines, including Google and Yahoo!.

In addition to networking opportunities, Jeremy Miller will make best practices presentations to the development community regarding mobile app development.

Jeremy Miller has devoted ample space within his home to be used specifically for business purposes. Although some business travel may be necessary, whenever possible Jeremy will conduct Webbased meetings with clients and other developers.

When business travel is required, AppStax is located within close proximity to the Portland International Airport, making business travel convenient anywhere within the continental United States and beyond. Equipment Jeremy Miller is fortunate to begin operations with the majority of the equipment that AppStax needs, including two Macintosh computers, several large capacity backup drives, and a laser printer.

In addition, he already has broadband Internet service with a dedicated IP-based telephone that can be used for business purposes. In order to ensure business continuity, Jeremy plans to install a generator that will provide AppStax with an uninterruptible power supply.

Additionally, an online data backup solution has been identified to ensure that critical information is not lost in the event of a disaster or other unfortunate occurrence. Finally, the business plans to download Xserve, a workgroup server manufactured by Apple. An IDE is a program used specifically for developing applications. It is the toolset used for writing code.

Development Process Jeremy Miller will serve as the face of AppStax to customers and will take a consistent approach to every project. Specifically, he will begin by defining project objectives and expectations in as much detail as possible. He will organize projects by building a framework and farming out specific components when needed.

In this model, Jeremy maintains control and is able to deliver the same caliber of product as if he had performed all of the development work himself. Apple maintains control over its App Store, in terms of which apps are made available, while the Android marketplace is much less restrictive. Alternatively, in the event that a mobile app has been developed for another party, this portion of the process may be left to them. Detailed monthly cash flow statements are available upon request.

In addition, Jeremy anticipates that some income will be generated from speaking engagements. However, because estimating such revenue is difficult, it has been excluded from these projections.

Burlington Hills, LA Paul Greenland MelodyWorx provides students with quality music lessons from passionate instructors with formal training. Business Overview MelodyWorx is a music lessons business, which was recently established by classically trained musicians Bill and Tammy Peterson. When a shortage of state funding led to layoffs at the Burlington Hills School District, Tammy lost her job as a music teacher. Similarly, Bill, who works as an independent sales representative for several leading musical instrument manufacturers, saw his job reduced to a part-time position due to decreased demand.

Although the chips appeared to be down, the Petersons decided to keep focusing on what they do best: Beyond their personal situations, several recent developments in the local marketplace have resulted in what the Petersons feel is a strong opportunity. In addition, several independent instructors have retired or relocated elsewhere. In the Burlington Hills population totaled 9,, a figure that was expected to increase slightly by , at which time the population was projected to reach 10,, according to Pyramid Research Associates.

School-aged children accounted for Those aged 5 to 14 accounted for However, strong growth is projected in a number of middleand upper-income categories. Our business is located within 5 miles of the nearby community of Sterling Ridge, which provides additional opportunities. In the Sterling Ridge population totaled 14,, which was expected to remain flat through , according to Pyramid Research data.

Similar to Burlington Hills, school-aged children in this market accounted for Average household income totals and projections for Sterling Ridge are virtually identical to Burlington Hills. Although there are several instructors in our primary market area, they offer services on a part-time basis and their availability is somewhat limited.

In addition, these independent instructors concentrate almost exclusively on either piano or guitar lessons. One initial limitation to our business will be our inability to provide percussion instruction. Currently, one independent instructor in our market provides drum lessons to students from both communities. Many instructors are members of the Cincinnati, Ohiobased Music Teachers National Association, which traces its roots back to They began classical training at early ages and, over time, became proficient with many different kinds of musical instruments.

Bill developed exceptional skills with various brass instruments, while Tammy concentrated on keyboard and string instruments. A double major, Bill earned degrees in both business administration and music, with an emphasis on performance.

In addition to formal education, over the years the Petersons have lived out their passion for music by playing together in several noteworthy jazz bands that developed strong followings throughout the Midwest. Legal advice, when needed, will be received from Jonathan R. Smith, an independent attorney in Burlington Hills.

The Petersons plan to secure the following types of insurance coverage through the Music Teachers National Association: During this time period the Petersons well serve as the sole instructors. The addition of independent contractors will be considered during year two. Under this arrangement, MelodyWorx would be able to expand instruction options without hiring additional employees. With this in mind, the Petersons are conducting a feasibility study that should be completed within the next 60 days.

This will begin with the completion of a new student questionnaire that will enable us to learn some basic information about our students, including their current skill level, goals, and musical interests. This, combined with our observations during an initial session, will be used to formulate a customized instruction plan. Students with no experience will begin by learning fundamentals, while more experienced students will begin lessons in accordance with their existing skills and abilities.

These include, but are not limited to: Printed collateral describing our music instruction services for parents of prospective students, as well as referral sources e. A Yellow Page advertisement. Presentations to area non-profit organizations e. A customer referral program that provides one free minute music lesson for each new client that is referred. A free holiday recital at the end of every year that will enable our students to perform for the community. This location provides convenient access to several major thoroughfares.

Formerly home to a used car dealership, the space is ideal because it offers a decent-sized waiting area and four individual rooms along the perimeter that can be used for music instruction. The space includes a small office space in the front, and the former car lot area provides plenty of parking space. The building owner has agreed to convert an adjoining garage area into additional finished space, should MelodyWorx need to expand e.

The business will be closed on Fridays and Sundays.

A drop box will allow customers to drop off payments for lessons when the offices are closed. The owners will draw only a small salary from the business and plan to reinvest all net profits into MelodyWorx. Funds may be needed to download a small inventory of musical instruments, in the event that expanding into that niche proves to be a viable option.

Startup Expenses Initially, the Petersons will use two of the four classrooms in their leased facility. They will need to download several chairs for these rooms, as well as two couches, a coffee table, and a water cooler for the waiting area.

In addition, they will require a desk, filing cabinet, personal computer, and telephone for the office. Detailed monthly cash flow statements and volume projections are available upon request. The Company was founded by Carlo Crudo. The business will carry a number of seasonal and year-round perennial species. The Company will sell to both individual customers and landscape contractors.

The Company will also generate secondary revenue streams from arranging the transportation of large orders of trees and plants on behalf of individual customers and landscape contactors. The third section of the business plan will further describe the services offered by Village Garden Center. Crudo has more than 10 years of experience in the landscaping industry.

Through his expertise, he will be able to bring the operations of the business to profitability within its first year. Crudo expects a strong rate of growth at the start of operations. Crudo intends to implement marketing campaigns that will effectively target individuals and landscape contractors within the target market. Crudo is not seeking an investment from a third party at this time. Crudo may seek to sell the business to a third party for a significant earnings multiple.

Most likely, the Company will hire a qualified business broker to sell the business on behalf of Village Garden Center, Inc. Based on historical numbers, the business could fetch a sales premium of up to five to seven times earnings. The Company will maintain a large outdoor area where plants are kept and can be selected and downloadd by customers.

Additionally, the Company will maintain a sizeable greenhouse facility for expensive plants and plants that require careful handling. Many economists expect that this recession will continue for a significant period of time, at which point the economy will begin a prolonged recovery period. However, as many people are seeking to sell their homes, these sellers may acquire inventories from the business in order to make their homes more appealing for sale.

This is a mature industry, and the future expected growth rate is expected to mirror that of the general economy. However, with the current economic situation at hand, Mr. Crudo anticipates that the industry will experience sluggish growth as the demand for new housing starts has waned. However, among gardening enthusiasts, Management anticipates that demand will remain strong.

Among individual clients, Mr. Common traits among clients will include: Among contractors, Management expects that most of these businesses will be actively engaged in landscape contacting. Major competitors include Home Depot and Lowes, which provide plant and tree inventories directly to individuals and contractors. However, the business intends to maintain a competitive advantage by focusing specifically on working with landscape contractors.

Below is an overview of the marketing strategies and objectives of Village Garden Center. Crudo intends to use a number of marketing strategies that will allow Village Garden Center to easily target individuals within the target market. These strategies include traditional print advertisements such as flyers, newspaper adverstisements, and Yellow Page listings.

Village Garden Center will also use an Internet-based strategy. This is very important as many people seeking local retailers, such as plant nurseries, now use the Internet to conduct their preliminary searches. Crudo will register Village Garden Center with online portals so that potential customers can easily reach the business. The Company will also develop its own online website showcasing the operations of the business, its inventory, hours of operation, and other services offered by the business.

Finally, Mr. Crudo will develop ongoing relationships with landscape contractors that will download inventories of trees and plants from the business in bulk on a regular basis.

In time, these contractors will become an invaluable source of business for Village Garden Center. However, the Company will have a loyal customer base of gardening enthusiasts that will continue to download plants and trees on a regular basis. Additionally, the high margin revenues generated by Village Garden Center will allow the business to remain profitable and cash flow positive despite moderate declines in revenue.

Blue Mountain, OR Paul Greenland Big Picture Press specializes in large-format printing applications such as vehicle wraps, outdoor banners, posters, and tradeshow graphics. In recent years large-format printing technology has advanced rapidly, offering customers greater capabilities, higher-quality, and more options. Examples of large-format printing include: Scott works for an established printing company in Portland, Oregon, but wishes to open a large-format printing company of his own in the underserved market of Blue Mountain.

The company will market its services to retail and service businesses in the following sub-categories: However, based on his industry experience, the owner feels that the market is underserved and could accommodate as many as three additional large-format printing businesses. In addition, we will offer superior customer service. At that time the industry included more than , employees who worked at approximately 33, establishments. PIA was established in , and by the association had roughly 10, members.

During the first 10 years of his career he worked for Pyramid Printing, where he operated a traditional offset press. Larson eventually moved into the large-format printing arena.

He currently works for an established printing company in Portland, Oregon, which is recognized as a market leader. The company has achieved significant growth over the last five years, and Larsen has contributed significantly to its success through his attention to quality and detail. Although Larsen enjoys his current role, he has an entrepreneurial spirit. After earning a business administration degree from Smith College in , he has decided to combine his education with firsthand printing industry skill and knowledge and establish his own enterprise.

He foresees tremendous opportunity in the underserved market of Blue Mountain. Staff Scott Larsen initially will handle press operations and new business development. To ensure a successful operation, Big Picture Press will need to hire additional staff members for the following positions: Scott Larsen has utilized an online legal document service to prepare the paperwork necessary for incorporating his new business.

Focus heavily on marketing and sales, with an objective of generating awareness in the local marketplace and building a core base of commercial customers. Year Pay off initial financing. Consider the addition of UV flatbed printing capabilities. A four-color sales sheet that can be used in direct mail campaigns, or left behind with potential clients.

A sustained monthly direct-mail campaign to prospective large-format printing customers throughout Blue Mountain. Sales calls to prospective customers, especially advertising agencies, retailers, hospitals, and other organizations that stand to benefit the most from our large-format printing services.

A Web site with complete details about our capabilities and services, as well as a File Transfer Protocol FTP area where customers can download design templates for different types of projects, or upload their original art for our production department. A detailed floorplan of this facility is available upon request. This 3,square-foot facility includes: Minimal modifications will be needed to begin operations. The equipment, which is capable of handling role media up to 64 inches wide, utilizes an eight-color solvent-based ink system.

The printer can output onto almost any coated or uncoated type of solventbased media. By providing faster drying times, this eliminates the need for an external dryer. Another benefit is the fact that the device utilizes less harmful volatile organic compounds, offering printing that is almost odorless.

Although the leased facility we have identified includes a ventilation system as an added precaution, the GS requires no special air purification system or ventilation setup. The GS can produce everything from outdoor banners, posters, and signs to tradeshow graphics and vehicle wraps. It is capable of handling almost any print job a customer might want. In order to ensure smooth operations, Epson offers one year of free warranty coverage for the GS under its Epson Preferred Protection Plan.

The plan provides on-site printer repair. These costs have been calculated into our financial projections see Financial Analysis section below.

Hours of Operation Monday through Friday: Pricing Large-format printing prices will vary, depending on the size and scope of the project, as well as factors such as shipping and installation. Insurance Big Picture Press has received an estimate for appropriate business and liability insurance coverage through Rockwell Insurance Associates.

Estimations are conservative, beginning with 2. The following monthly estimates are specific to costs and profits directly associated with the Epson Stylus Pro GS e. They do not include other business expenses, such as our lease, vehicle, etc. These figures quickly demonstrate the monthly profit potential of the press itself.

Big Picture Press has prepared detailed financial estimates in partnership with our accountant available upon request that project annual revenues and expenses for our first three years of operation.

It was that experience, coupled with a broader interest in home organization, that led her to complete several organization projects for friends and family members. Ultimately, word-of-mouth referrals and encouragement from existing customers prompted her to establish her own professional organization consultancy. Based on her recent experiences and knowledge of the Winnetka market, Claire has decided to target her new business toward upper-income consumers who have the highest levels of disposable income.

Initially, the business will focus on the immediate Winnetka area. This figure is projected to increase 8. Additional data from DemographicsNow reveals that Winnetka was home to 4, households in For example, the slightly larger geographic area included 10, households in In recognizing the experienced organizer, BCPO seeks to inspire organizers to provide superior client services and to continue to develop expertise in the transfer of higher-level organizing skills.

Professional organizers have received significant exposure in recent years. All her life, Claire has been known for being neat and organized. With five children close in age, these qualities were invaluable when it came to keeping her household working as a well-oiled machine.

With her children in college, Claire began utilizing her natural abilities to help others organize their lives. Louis small businesses that are seeking low—cost, effective options for success and longevity. According to the U. Census Bureau, the average commute to or from work is In , the average travel time on the road for St.

Louis workers over age 16 was 24 minutes. Thus, Carvertising STL recognizes and takes advantage of this opportunity. Our plan takes the market share that was once dominated by radio commercials. Radio used to be the ideal medium to target consumers on the road. They promote goods and services to people who are unoccupied or bored during daily commutes.

Catchy jingles were once forced upon individuals who had no other listening options. Due to technology advancements like the iPod and satellite radio, drivers now avoid these advertisements. Carvertising STL recognizes the inefficiency of radio commercials and the opportunity for our company. We capture this available place in the market and keep individuals entertained during their daily commutes.

We host business advertisements on fleets with a minimum of five cars. Rather than promoting blasts of information to large areas at once, Carvertising STL will specifically target a niche region that aligns with the advertising campaigns of our clients. Carvertising STL will gradually enter the industry and gain credibility with trial run versions. Two trial run versions will take place. They will benefit from a complimentary three—month Carvertising promotion.

The purpose of this trial run is to determine if their business improves as a result of our campaign. Business owners will be asked to compensate Carvertising STL at the end of the campaign according to how effective they deem our services.

These testimonials will then be used for pitching to advertising agencies. From conversations with St. Louis—based advertising agencies, Carvertising STL will recognize the most popular markets that businesses wish to target. Carvertising STL will then gather drivers in that area and deploy the fleets throughout St. Compared to traditional advertising options, Carvertising STL is the ideal choice.

While driving a typical daily commute to work, drivers often depart and arrive at the same times consistently. Think about the cars you recognize during your recurring routes. More often than not, you travel with the same group of vehicles for the duration of your drive. On the other hand, you only pass a billboard once and the impression lasts for a mere two seconds.

You may glance at the product or service right before it leaves the mind as quickly as it entered. However, Carvertising STL drivers drive with the public and thus, potential customers.

The Carvertisement is a moving billboard that is with these individuals from anywhere between 5 and 60 minutes. We provide moving advertisements that may be next to targeted consumers for extended periods of time as they sit in traffic or wait at the drive—through.

According to the company website and on—site visits, Craftsmen Industries has been in business for over 25 years.

Today, they have more than employees at their , square foot location in St. Charles, Missouri. Craftsmen Industries is a certified 3M Scotchprint graphics manufacturer and installer. The company specializes in vehicle graphics design, printing, manufacturing, installation and removal, distribution, and painting. The partnership is ideal because of their qualifications and extensive knowledge of the marketing industry.

Carvertising STL believes that St. This teaching method has become extremely popular over the last one hundred years and has proliferated worldwide. There are approximately 7, Montessori schools operating worldwide.

The third section of the business plan will further describe the services offered by Edison Park Montessori. Kelley has more than 10 years of experience in the early childhood education industry. Kelley expects a strong rate of growth at the start of operations.

Kelley intends to implement marketing campaigns that will effectively target individuals with children within the target market. Kelley is not seeking an investment from a third party at this time. Kelley may seek to sell the business to a third party for a significant earnings multiple.

Based on historical numbers, the business could fetch a sales premium of up to 6 times earnings. This unique methodology of teaching focuses specifically on the development of the child, and provides them with an atmosphere where they can learn through both traditional teaching and selfdirected learning. This style of teaching was developed by the Italian educator and physician, Dr. Maria Montessori in the early s. Over the last one hundred years, her unique methods have led to the creation of more than 7, schools worldwide 4, in the US that use her philosophy to educate students.

The primary goal of a Montessori education is to provide children with a stimulating environment where students are freer to explore subjects and appreciate learning during the course of their tutelage.

Business Plans Handbook - Vol 11 (2006).pdf - Business...

The philosophy of Dr. Currently, the economy is coming out of a difficult economic period. The job picture has improved and lending has resumed to small businesses. As such, the demand for private schooling services has increased. Additionally, parents that work will always require schooling services and as such the business will be able to remain profitable and cash flow positive at all times. A vast majority of these programs are operated as not-for-profit entities. Approximately schools within North America are publicly funded on the municipal level.

The tremendous popularity of this alternative teaching method has allowed these institutions to grow steadily over the last twenty years.

Typically a Montessori school charges tuition based on the age of the student. Common traits among clients will include: There is a strong demand among parents that want to provide their children with a Montessori focused education during their elementary school years.

These parents are willing to pay significant tuition fees for these services. Management intends to maintain a competitive advantage over these other competitors by operating a low operating overhead business that will provide low tuition costs that are normally associated with Chicago based Montessori educational institutions.

Below is an overview of the marketing strategies and objectives of Edison Park Montessori. As stated earlier, the Montessori style of education and teaching is a prominent alternative to a traditional public or private school education. Parents that are specifically seeking this type of service will actively search for Montessori schools in their area.

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However, the demand for parents that want to enroll their children in Montessori Schools is increasing steadily. As such, Edison Park Montessori will be able to remain profitable and cash flow positive at all times despite certain drawbacks in the economy. Royal Oak, MI Heidi Denler Helping Hands will offer non-medical, in-home companion care services in the Metropolitan Detroit community for seniors and those individuals who are physically challenged, recovering from illness or surgery, or suffering with a chronic illness.

Jennifer Klein and Ava Jones will form a partnership to run the company. Klein and Jones have determined that as baby boomers reach retirement age in increasing numbers, the need will arise for non-medical assistants to enable those boomers to stay in their homes when they have a chronic illness or want to recuperate from surgery or injury.

Patients will be referred by physicians, insurance companies, and health care facilities, as well as by social workers at hospitals. The partners have an extensive professional network and can boast excellent reputations in their fields in Metropolitan Detroit, which will provide a basis for starting and building their company.

She brings 20 years of experience working in nursing homes, assisted living facilities, and, most recently, in private home care. Ava Jones holds an M.

Their skills will complement each other, allowing for a successful, growing, service-oriented business partnership. The company will expand slowly, opening a second office outside a mile radius of the home office, and eventually via franchising. Providing affordable, friendly, professional services to every client is the goal of Helping Hands.

Employees will be well-trained and will meet state and federal standards. She will also handle the in-home assessments and create the specific care plan for each client. Jones will serve as administrative director, and will handle the business aspects of the company. This will include payroll, insurance needs, and any office responsibilities.

Jones will oversee an administrative assistant, who will answer phones and help with paperwork and filing, as well as monitor updates of client files. Field representatives of Helping Hands will interact directly with clients and their families and will make daily updates regarding care given and client status.

In-home caregivers will be responsible for following the specific program of care created following the in-home assessment. They will report directly to Jennifer Klein. Occupational therapists, physical therapists, and speech therapists will be employed part-time to provide services to clients who require such rehabilitation.

A social worker will be hired full-time to coordinate client needs with local agencies and associations that offer additional support and services not provided by Helping Hands. As the client base increases, Klein and Jones expect to hire a second social worker to assist their client base.

They will also work in concert with assisted living facilities to identify potential clients who are not quite ready to move from their homes or who have been placed on a waiting list to move to a facility. Advertisements will be placed in local papers, and press releases will be given to explain the types of services offered by Helping Hands.

They will also work with caregiver respite groups for those who require long-term breaks not offered by the respite group. The partners of Helping Hands recognize that marketing their services is about the quality of care and relationships built between the caregiver and the client and will exploit the offering of that relationship in their marketing efforts. Their services will enable those who have been injured, are recovering from surgery, are suffering from a chronic illness, and the elderly.

All of these people deserve the right to stay in their own homes as long as possible rather than moving to a health care facility. These agencies are constantly seeking to assist their own clients and patients with affordable assistance that will allow them to remain in their own homes. Basic services will include: Clients will be able to remain independent by making their own decisions about how they live and making choices about how to get things done.

Helping Hands will offer hour care for those who require or request it, but can be hired for as few as two hours per day once per week and anything in between. Client files will be updated following each visit, or in the case of hour care, on a daily basis. Jennifer Klein will serve as clinical director.

Ava Jones will put her business expertise to use, overseeing all business aspects of the company, including finance, insurance, and legal matters. A part-time administrative assistant will help her with paperwork, filing, and updating client reports daily.

Other employees will include a social worker, who will assist clients who might require services from such local and national organizations as United Way, the American Cancer Society, Services for Older Citizens, and the Agency for Aging.

Occupational and physical therapists will be retained for part-time work for individual cases, as will a speech therapist for clients whose injury or illness has caused loss of speech for example, following a closed head injury or stroke.

Proof of active state licensing will be required for this group of employees. Field employees are those who will actually serve as an in-home companion to the client. They will undergo extensive background screening and mandatory random drug testing. In addition they must provide multiple work references as well as personal references.

All must be bonded and insured. They are focusing on the Royal Oak, Michigan, community, which allows easy access to area freeways to allow employees limited driving time to client homes. The area is growing rapidly, and Baby Boomers the typical prospective client for Helping Hands are embracing the development in the county in particular.

A small office will be necessary to house: Klein and Jones have determined that at least one vehicle will be a van equipped to handle wheelchair-bound clients.

Costs will include: Jones will put her M. The partners are working with PNC Bank to establish a loan and line of credit to cover start-up costs and such initial expenses as payroll and advertising. They expect to show a modest profit within three months that will become a strong profit by the end of the first year of operation. They intend to start with 50 clients and build to by the end of the first year in operation.

They are looking for 10 to 20 percent growth annually thereafter. Clients will be lost from a variety of reasons, including returning to health and death. Slow growth will be mandated for Helping Hands in order to avoid the pitfall of loss of quality in care and management. However, within five years, Klein and Jones expect to open at least one additional office that will serve the central part of the state near Lansing. Most agencies in Metropolitan Detroit offer skilled nursing care, whether the patient client requires nursing or not.

There are limited options available for those who simply need someone to be a companion, take them to appointments or shopping, do light housework and laundry, or give family members acting as caregivers for those with such chronic illnesses as Alzheimers or ALS a break from their responsibilities for a few hours or a few days. Because of the limited competition, Klein and Jones expect to be successful immediately and show at least a modest profit within three months of beginning operation.

Contact information, hours, and testimonials will be available, along with credentials of the managing partners and companion staff. Pages of the Web site will be dedicated to services offered, from simple companionship for a couple of hours an afternoon, to hour services to help Alzheimer patients stay in familiar surroundings as long as possible.

Basic companionship, meal preparation, light housekeeping, and transportation provided by nurturing caregivers who are bonded and insured will be the signature for the company. Jennifer Klein and Ava Jones bring years of experience in their respective fields of home health care and business management to Helping Hands, creating an environment for success.

Costs will be carefully discussed with the client and their family members to ensure affordability. Most importantly, clients will be treated like a member of the family, with love and concern for their well-being. The Company was founded by Marcie Hill. The business will carry thousands of items across many organic brand names. The business will maintain the following divisions within the market: Hill has more than 10 years of experience in the retail management industry.

Hill expects a strong rate of growth at the start of operations. Hill intends to implement marketing campaigns that will effectively target individuals within the target market. Hill is not seeking an investment from a third party at this time. Hill may seek to sell the business to a third party for a significant earnings multiple. Based on historical numbers, the business could fetch a sales premium of up to 4 times earnings. The business will carry these products under several brand names.

The business will always have a butcher on staff, and all meat both fresh and packaged will meet all regulations regarding the sale of organic meat products. Produce is an especially important division for the business. At all times, the Company will maintain the freshness of the produce by continually spraying and maintaining clean inventories.

This will be the smallest division of the business. Currently, the economic market condition in the United States is recessed. The meltdown of the sub prime mortgage market coupled with increasing gas prices has led many people to believe that the US is on the cusp of a double dip economic recession.

However, grocery stores tend to operate with great economic stability as people will continue to download grocery goods in any economic climate. This is a mature industry, and the anticipated future growth rate will remain in line with that of the general economy. Through these demographics, the Company will structure its advertising and marketing campaigns to appeal to the above demographics. This is because one of the essential elements to reaching a retail audience is building a brand affinity with the customer.

The Company will maintain a moderate level of traditional print and media advertising, which will be exclusively geared towards current and potential consumers. As such, it is difficult to determine the pricing of each product offered by the business. However, a full preliminary pricing matrix is available upon request. People demand certain grocery store items as a necessity, and the business only expects that an economic catastrophe could result in decreases in revenue.

Instead of pet owners bringing their animals to a kennel or boarding facility while they are away, we provide a variety of in-home services that allow their pets to stay in a safe, familiar environment.

Irregular work schedules, business trips, and vacations can present challenges for pet owners who must balance such demands with the needs of their pets. Pet Watchers is a pet sitting business. Our services include everything from periodic daily visits to overnight stays. In addition to feeding and walking pets, we administer medications and take pets to grooming or veterinarian appointments.

Pet Watchers is a new business established by Brian and Anita Phillips. After retiring from a year law-enforcement career that included service as a K-9 officer, Brian began searching for a new opportunity that would allow him to continue interacting with the public. A part-time veterinary technician, Anita had been thinking about establishing her own business for several years. After many conversations and a great deal of research, the Phillips decided that pet sitting would not only satisfy their interests and needs, it also would leverage their existing skills.

In all, Americans owned Using formulas from the U. More specifically, this total includes 1, dog-owning households; 1, cat-owning households; and bird-owning households. Based upon population projections, these figures are expected to remain relatively flat through , when the community will consist of 3, households a 3.

Montgomery Ridge is an excellent market for pet sitting services. This is expected to increase In addition to targeting working professionals, Pet Watchers also will focus on promoting its services to several other key segments which, according to the industry association Pet Sitters International, represent the greatest demand for pet sitting services. These include: Oftentimes, these individuals work long hours and have commitments that keep them away from home during the evening.

They also travel frequently for business purposes. According to an industry survey conducted by PSI in , pet sitting businesses make more than 17 million visits to clients each year.

The survey indicated that the most popular services requested by clients include: Basic pet care 2. Dog walking 3. Care of special needs pets 4. Pet transportation service 5. Overnight pet sitting 6. House sitting with no pet 7.

Errand services 8. Another leading industry association is Professional United Pet Sitters, which offers a lifetime membership, a message board, forms, a directory listing, and more. Specifically, these are: Owners Brian Phillips After earning an undergraduate degree in criminal justice and graduating from the police academy, Brian Phillips spent the first eight years of his career working as a regular police officer in Brighton Park, Minnesota.

However, his love for animals inspired him to apply for a position with the K9 unit, where he worked with a number of different dogs, including a pound German Shepherd named Duke who was cross-trained for both patrol and narcotics searches.

Ultimately, Phillips was promoted to sergeant and given responsibility for the K9 unit, which included five dogs. Following a year law-enforcement career, Brian identified pet sitting as a business opportunity that will allow him to continue working with both dogs and the public.

Most of the time, her family had at least two dogs, as well as a number of cats. After high school, Anita spent seven years working for a Minneapolis-area pet store.

Create Your Business Plan

Eventually, she attended Paul Roberts Community College, which offered a two-year Associates degree in veterinary technology. After graduation, she passed a credentialing exam and found employment with Golden Crest Animal Hospital, where she has spent the last 18 years. In that role, her responsibilities have included assisting veterinarians with procedures and performing a wide range of tests to diagnose and treat medical conditions in small animals.

Anita has been thinking about establishing her own business for several years, and is confident that pet sitting is the right opportunity.

Our objective is to identify reliable customers with whom we can build long-term relationships. Working from a small base of existing clients we already pet sit for several people on an individual basis , we plan to grow as follows: Year 1: Another option at this point would be to franchise Pet Watchers, which is something that pet sitting businesses have done in other markets. Printed collateral describing our business. Relationship building with area veterinarians, groomers, trainers, and breeders in order to build a consistent referral base.

Flyers distributed to local pet stores, veterinary offices, breeders, dog trainers, animal hospitals, and groomers to generate awareness of our services. Direct mail campaigns to area pet owners. For this purpose, we will rent the names of subscribers to a popular pet magazine. Birthday cards to the pets we care for on a regular basis, in order to build relationships with pet owners and encourage word-of-mouth referrals. Because word-of-mouth referrals are the most significant source of new business, we will offer customers one free basic visit for each new customer we receive as a result of their referral.

This information will be gathered on a simple intake form that we have developed. In addition to gathering information, we will provide information about bonding and insurance, as well as a list of references. We will discuss our fees, and identify the specific services needed by the client. We will outline services in a written contract, to be signed by the pet owner and Brian or Anita Phillips.

For new customers, we will require the payment of 50 percent of agreed-upon charges in advance, as well as a credit card number to which we can bill the remainder of charges upon successful completion of services. The Phillips have dedicated square-feet of space for a home office, equipped with a personal computer, printer, telephone and voicemail system, and filing cabinet. In addition, our business is registered with the appropriate local and state government agencies. In addition to conversations with pet sitters in other markets, we have consulted the following sources of information: Moran, Patti.

Pet Sitting for Profit, 3rd ed. Williams Duea, Angela. Atlantic Publishing, The statement includes data on sales, operating expenses, taxes, etc. Pet Watchers will incur the following start-up expenses during its first year, which the Phillips will cover from personal savings.

Each week, these dogs collectively produce a massive amount of waste. Pet waste also is an environmental hazard. In addition to containing nitrogen and phosphorus, dog waste can spread bacteria infections such as Campylobacteriosis and Salmonellosis, as well as Toxocarisis roundworms transmitted from animals to humans. According to a bulletin from the U. Environmental Protection Agency, which designated pet waste as a form of pollution during the early s: Studies performed on watersheds in the Seattle, Washington, area found that nearly 20 percent of the bacteria found in water samples were matched with dogs as the host animals.

As professional animal waste specialists, we take the hassle out of yard cleanup for pet owners, allowing them to spend their time doing more important things.

After an eight-year career working as a lawn care specialist for Handfield Lawn Services, which provided fertilizer, weed treatment, and pesticide applications, Jay Johnson lost his job when economic conditions forced his company to reduce staff. Unable to find a similar position at another company, Jay began considering ways to support his family.

During his career as a lawn care specialist, unpleasant encounters with pet waste were all too common.

Sensing an opportunity, Jay decided to combine his route management and lawn care skills and test the market for his own pet waste removal business. Based upon population projections, these figures are expected to remain relatively flat through , when the community will consist of 13, households.

Because they have higher levels of discretionary income, as well as a greater prevalence of health issues that may make pet waste removal more challenging, individuals over the age of 55 are a prime market for our services. In the plus segment comprised 30 percent of the Primrose population. Specifically, those aged 55 to 64 3, accounted for This figure was expected to increase 3.

We are fortunate in that competition is virtually nonexistent in the Primrose area. We will have two direct competitors.

Abe Swanson is a local retiree who performs pet waste removal on a part-time basis. Green Fields Lawn Services Inc. However, this mainly is an add-on service for them, as their main focus is traditional fertilizer and weed treatment applications. Our industry includes a large number of independent operations as well as industry leaders that have begun to offer franchising opportunities.

One leader is DoodyCalls, which has been ranked as the leading pet waste removal franchise in the nation by Entrepreneur Magazine. Each year, DoodyCalls claims to remove more than 3 million pieces of dog waste. During his first year of operations Jay plans to spend four hours per day five days per week performing pet waste removal. He will devote the remainder of each workday to planning, administrative tasks, and growing the business. By performing pet waste removal four hours per day, he will be able to provide service for dogs during year one.

During year two, Jay expects to provide service to dogs, which he estimates will take six hours per day. Finally, during year three Jay will hire one full-time employee, allowing the business to serve dogs and prepare for continued expansion in the coming years. However, we also will offer bi-weekly service for those with multiple dogs, as well as a semi-weekly option for those who only require the occasional cleanup. Substantial cleanup services e. Jay Johnson has made arrangements to download a reliable used truck with low miles from a private owner: Location The Scoop will operate from a home office.

Jay Johnson has dedicated square feet in his home for the business. He will use a personal computer and an off-the-shelf accounting program to store customer records, generate invoices, etc. He will use a dedicated cellular phone for telecommunications, given the mobile nature of his business.

Hours of Operation Normal operating hours for The Scoop will be from 8 a. We will require customers to commit to service in increments of three months. Disposal The Scoop will adhere to all local and state regulations regarding pet waste disposal. Specifically, we have made arrangements to lease a dumpster, where we can dispose of pet waste in secure plastic bags.

After an eight-year career working for as a lawn care specialist for Handfield Lawn Services, which provided fertilizer, weed treatment, and pesticide applications, Jay Johnson lost his job when economic conditions forced his company to reduce staff.

Sensing an opportunity, Jay decided to combine his route management and lawn care skills and test the market. He downloadd a small rake and a dustpan, printed off some basic flyers, and called upon a few of his former Handfield customers that were dog owners. After six months, he had developed a steady customer base, mainly through word-ofmouth referrals, and was earning a decent income.

Moving forward, Jay has decided to formally establish The Scoop, which will commence operations in the summer of In addition to listing our rates, the flier contains customer testimonials and a coupon for one free weekly visit one dog for all new customers who sign a three-month contract.

A list broker has been identified that can provide us with mailing lists based on household income and pet ownership. Faced with strong competition, this plan outlines several marketing strategies and provides insight into factors like location and demography when planning a clothing venture. Clothes as Art Inc. Most of all, customers will be entertained while creating their own fashion art.

Clothes as Art will begin conservatively by offering T-shirts and sweatshirts as in-store inventory from which the customer can choose. In addition to blanks for the customers to design, Clothes as Art Inc.

This will tap into the market of those who like the clothing but are more spontaneous downloaders. Any customer will be allowed to bring in pieces from their own wardrobe to paint. In addition, at the end of the day the spin drum is coated with a strip of the paint around the edge.

This dries over night and becomes a durable, pliable material. This can be fashioned into belts, cut into earrings and other jewelry that will match all clothing produced by the artist. These will be offered as accessories at Clothes as Art. The only location that would be conducive to the sale of these products is in a small location with very high walkby traffic. Therefore, the location requirements are a high traffic, indoor mall.

Clothes as Art will have no true direct competition by another store in the area. This will be a major advantage for the business during the difficult economic conditions of the early s.

The loan will comprise 31 percent up-front expenses and 69 percent working capital needs. I wish to incorporate the business and trademark its products, which will give rise to legal costs. Clothes as Art enables people, male or female, young or old, to design their own clothing— whether they have any artistic abilities or not.

It will be fashion art that is unique and original. The consumer will be able to design any number of pieces to go with any other articles of clothing they own. Most of all they will be entertained while creating their own fashion art.

In addition, accessories will be fabricated from the byproduct of the artwork. Therefore, the accessories will complement any article sold in the store.

Pictures are available for a more visual demonstration of the product. The service procedure of the store is quite simple. The customer then takes a number to await a free work table at which they will paint. The customer then chooses four colors that they will paint with. The paints are applied with squeeze bottles full of bright colors. While they are choosing their colors their shirt will be clipped and stretched on a cardboard board the same size as the shirt.

This prepares the shirt to be a canvas for the artist. The attendant will then give the customer brief instructions on how and where to paint on the shirt. The customer then paints on the shirt in any way they believe will look good when it is spun. This is where the excitement begins. Spinning at about RPM, the paint that was applied to the shirt quickly evolves into original art right before the eyes of the customer.

The centrifugal force caused by the spinning causes the paint to be drawn from the center of the shirt to the edges resulting in a star-burst spin art look to the design.

The original colors remain separate colors. While this is happening crowds gather to watch the artist and they quickly form a line to do their own thing. The shirt is then sent through a large belt drier that adheres the paint permanently to the shirt. The entire services process takes an average of only 20 minutes, so the turnover is great. This includes an average time to paint 5 minutes , spin 30 seconds , and dry 15 minutes.

There will be several tables at which to work. The drier can dry up to six shirts on a continuously moving conveyor belt.

Clothes as Art will begin conservatively by offering T-shirts and sweatshirts as in-store inventory. This will tap into the markets who like the clothing but are more spontaneous downloaders. With respect to canvasses, Clothes as Art will have blank canvasses on which the customer can paint. Many people decorate their homes with certain color schemes. This will give the decorator the ability to create their own piece of artwork. At the end of the day the spin drum is coated with a strip of the paint around the edge.

This dries overnight and becomes a durable, rubber-like material that can be fashioned into accessories such as belts, or cut into earrings and other jewelry-type articles that will match all clothing produced by the artist. I have also spoken with another shop owner who agrees that the product has this type of wide appeal.

For analysis I will deal with these two target markets. My choice for location is the Shelby Corners Mall no traffic studies are available for this mall. This accounts for This accounts for 2 percent of the 1. With respect to Target Market B showing such a low market share, please keep in mind that the mall offers no traffic studies. If you visit the mall you will see quite a few more children and teenagers than the mall market study shows.

Therefore, the overall market with respect to children is very healthy. During the early s, the retail industry operated in a very difficult economic climate. More than ever before, value was of prime importance to customers. Price is paramount, but consumers also demand the same or greater value for less money. Penny pinchers will not suddenly become big spenders given constraints on disposable cash, reduced asset values, clampdowns on corporate bonuses and, for many baby boomers, upcoming retirement.

Retailers must identify and serve that price-value sweet spot to win loyalty and market share. Therefore, Clothes as Art would have no direct competition in the Los Angeles area. In addition, their prices will be competitive, and their lines will be fuller. Clothes as Art can handle this drawback in one of two ways: The only way to avoid them is to choose another location; this would greatly affect our chances for success. Currently, the mall houses only two of our competitors.

A recent expansion has added mainly high-end, high priced shops to the roster.The brochure will include a pocket, which can accommodate one or more specific panel card inserts that go into more detail about specific services e. We help clients define their specific situation and position by identifying strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats; evaluate the competition; develop measurable objectives; choose the most effective tactics to reach their target markets; calculate an appropriate budget; and outline a process for evaluation and adjustment.

In addition, we conduct seminars and workshops on such topics as sales and sales management, motivation, starting a business, developing vision in the staff and so on. Over the years, these large companies has successfully leveraged their resources to engineer customer experience to a degree that consistently differentiates otherwise commodity—like products and services.

They do not even spend the time or effort to open them. The driver will receive his first payment after a month of driving and if he passes the monthly inspection.

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